Don't Replace - Restore

With dedicated floor cleaners, fillers and sealers we can make your tired floor look like new again.

When resilient floors get to a certain again the wear layer that was applied in the factory starts to wear away and the floor becomes porous.

Once this happens the floor takes on dirt and other contaminants that sit deep in the scratches on the surface making every day mopping ineffective and a lot people believe this is time to replace the floor.


This is not so! Once the floor has been stripped we combine a special microscopic filling agent of ceramic powder into our sealers so that when the sealers are applied the filler fills the scratches whilst the sealer restores the wear layer, bringing your floor back to life and giving you many more years of wear making it very cost effective.

Cost Comparison - Conventional method vs. Floor Restore. Savings up to 50 % according to FIGR Institute *  

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