Clear Anti Slip Treatment For All Mineral Tiles.

Floor Safe Anti Slip Treatment can boost the safety of your tiles by 200%.

Often applied out of hours and the floor can be put back to use immediately - perfect solution to keep your business operating. Suitable for Internal and External Tiles

From a step to a stadium we can make it anti - slip.

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Floor Sate non -slip treatment for tiles can be applied to most ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles. Within less than 15 minutes our anti-slip treatment for tiles can boost the safety of a tile by up to 200%*. This is the perfect quick fix for areas that need to increase the safety of the tiles whilst still having to remain operational. One operative can apply 75 - 100 square meters in one hour and the floor can be put back to use immediately. 


Ideal for:

  • Kitchens - Pool Surrounds - Receptions - Shops - Restaurants - Cafe - Bars - Nightclubs -Hotels

What Is the Treatment?

Our unique anti slip treatment is a low odour, colourless liquid that when applied on to a tiled surface it will increase the slip resistance and ultimately reduce the chance of slip injury.


How does it do this?
The non-slip treatment changes the profile of the tile by making millions of microscopic indentations in the surface. This invisible pattern creates a vacuum effect under wet conditions. When pressure is applied any water is squeezed out from the indentations so the pedestrian foot creates a safer grip to the floor. Last year we applied this application to over 20,000 square meters of tiles for some the UK’s largest companies.

Method of application:
The area to be treated will first be deep cleaned to remove contamination then, the anti slip treatment is professionally applied in sections of appox 30 square meters. The product is left to dwell on the surface for a designated time determined by our pre-test using the BS7976 pendulum. It’s then removed using a vacuum extract machine. Once this has been completed the floor is re-tested and certified. The beauty of this superb non slip treatment is the floor can be put back to use immediately which means:

No down time – No loss of revenue – No more worries.

Reviewer: David Lee from UK   5 Stars
I am the FM of a chain of leisure centres. We have been using Floor Safe Anti Slipfor the last 5 years on our pool surrounds. The treatment is easy to apply and really does make a huge difference to slip resistance of the tiles and helps reduce the chance of slip injury.

Reviewer: Linda Davies from Yorkshire   5 Stars
We use tile safe in our kitchen as we have the old fashioned small tiles that get very slippery when wet. The product seems to make such a difference. We were looking at replacing the floor but it’s so expensive and the down time as well. This is the most cost effective solution at the moment.

Just one of our many case studies:
A well known leisure centre was experiencing a number of slips in and around the pool area. This resulted in a lot of unnecessary compensation claims and action being taken by the local authorities. Facing a huge bill to replace the floor we were called in to solve the issue. After demonstrating on site our unique non slip application for tiles, the floors were successful treated and certified, this not only meant they were seen to provide due diligence but it also saved them a huge refurbishment bill.

Typical Applications:
Restaurants, hotels, motels, supermarkets, hospitals, nursing homes, factories, food processing plants, health clubs, shopping malls, office buildings, swimming pool decks, bathroom floors, showers and staircases. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

This Treatment is a cost effective and low maintenance method of boosting floor safety.


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