Magic In A Bottle. The 50ml Anti-Slip Treatment  that turns your slippery bath or Shower into an Anti - Slip surface.

Make your enamel bath or shower anti slip in 5 minutes.

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Perfect for Enamel / Metal / Steel Surfaces.
Recently applied to 180 baths at the 4 star Runnymede hotel in Egham.

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‘Magic in a Bottle’ treatment is simply applied to the bath tub /shower tray. The product is left to dwell on surface for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinsed away with cold water. This simple process will increase the coefficient of friction. The surface can be put back into use immediately. If applied as instructed the anti slip treatment will reduce the chance of slip injury but will not eliminate them.
The surface does not feel any different when dry but once it becomes wet the resistance acts like a vacuum effect.


  • Clean and dry the surface thoroughly
  • Place on chemical resistant gloves – not provided
  • Slowly pour bath safe over the bottom of the tub / shower tray and spread using a non absobant cloth.
  • Apply only to the bottom of the tub and not the upward curves.
  • Keep the surface wet for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Do not let dry out. Move about if need be
  • Rinse away using a shower or jug of water.
  • Test by pouring from an untreated section onto a treated section and wipe from the slippery surface on the slip resistance surface.
  • Tub can be put back to use immediately.
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