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Since 2007 Floor Safe Ltd have dedicated their business to providing cost effective anti - slip solutions to reduce slip injury in the work place.

Increasing Safety by Reducing The Risk of Slip Injury

Floor Safes attention to service and detail has made us an industry leader of Anti slip solutions. Over the last 10 years our Anti slip coatings have been applied to over 100,000 square meters of various flooring for some of the most well know businesses in the UK see client list. If you have a question about Anti Slip Solutions call us direct and will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your floor.


Non Slip Treatments For All Floors

Vinyl - Tiles - Concrete - Decking - Baths - Wood / Laminate

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All the installations of our anti slip floor coatings are provided with certification using the BS7976 Pendulum. This method will not only endorse a companies commitment to due diligence but could also help protect you against slip injury claims.

Slippage on wet floors can take a fraction of a second while the consequences could last a life time. Broken bones and litigation are just some of the possible outcomes. Reducing the risk of slip injury is a critical safety aspect to be considered.


Are You an: 

  • Facilities, Operations, Manager or H & S personnel investigating the need to reduce slip injury? 
  • Concerned about how slippery your floor is and worried you might get sued if somebody slips over on it?
  • Currently involved with a project and part of the specification is to provide a certified floor to meet the HSE requirements?

Call us even if it's just to enquire or need some advise - 0845 643 1317

  • Our products have been tested many times on site by local authorities / UKAS EHO and passed.
  • Preferred contractor chosen by the MOD for all safety floor solutions.
  • We are one of the only companies recommended by independent testing laboratory.
  • Currently involved with four councils, five of the UK’s main restaurant chains on the High Street and the biggest leisure chain in the UK.
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